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History of Scott Schreiner Golf Course

In the beginning

"FORE!!!...Golf has come to Kerrville. It seems strange that in this mountain retreat, where such a short time ago smoke was rising from the campfires of the Comanche Indians, such a modern thing as golf links should be at hand."

These words heralded by the October 1924 edition of the Grinstead's Graphic.

Originally started as the Kerrville Country Club, the vintage nine-hole course was the design of John Bredemus, one of the first golf course designers in Texas.

Throughout the roaring 1920's the Kerrville Country Club was the social and recreational hub of Kerrville. The original clubhouse was an inspiring stucco building with a large gallery, ball room, and band alcove. 
People on hill
Just Resting, and Looking Across the Course from Number
Four Green at the Foot of Tivy Mountain to the Clubhouse.
E.H. Prescott, President of the Chamber of Commerce,
Getting ready to make drive off Number Three Tee
Foursome Finishing up on Number Nine Green 
Mayor Adkins Driving Off Number One Tee

City of Kerrville
701 Main Street
Kerrville, TX 78028