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Criminal Investigations Section (CIS)

The Criminal Investigations and Support Section encompasses the following disciplines: Criminal Investigations Unit; Special Crimes Unit; Property - Evidence Unit; Records Unit; and the Recruitment-Training Unit (includes the Community Services Office, Media Relations and School Resource Officers).  The Criminal Investigations and Support Section Lieutenant supervises all components. One Administrative Assistant aids this section.

Criminal Investigations Unit:

The Criminal Investigations Unit is composed of one Detective and three Investigators who are assigned felony and misdemeanor cases referred from Field Operations. Detectives / Investigators follow-up on leads that may identify those persons responsible for committing crimes in the City of Kerrville. These investigators have a minimum of 5 years of law enforcement experience prior to their assignment to the  Investigations Unit. They receive in-service training in specialized crimes such as homicide, child abuse and sexual assault, just to name a few. Detectives and Investigators interview witnesses, interrogate suspects, recover stolen property and prepare cases for prosecution. This Unit investigated approximately 1000 cases in the past year.

Special Crimes Unit:

The Special Crimes Unit, SCU, created in 2006, is also part of Criminal Investigations and Support Section. SCU is directly supervised by a Sergeant and staffed with three Investigators. The SCU's primary mandate is the proactive investigation of Organized Criminal Activities. This Unit investigates approximately 200 cases per year and arrests approximately 150 drug users and traffickers per annum for misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Property / Evidence Unit:

The Property/Evidence Unit is staffed by one Police Officer one Property Evidence Clerk. The Police Officer is designated as the Department’s Property/Evidence officer. The program also has five collateral Police Officer/ Evidence Technicians within Patrol. They are all responsible for the collection and preservation of evidence found at crime scenes. The Technicians are Patrol Officers, assigned to regular patrol shifts, who have volunteered to be cross-trained in this specialty. These Officer/Technicians look for fingerprints, tool markings and trace evidence; photograph and diagram crime scenes; and, they interpret bloodstain patterns and recover DNA evidence. The Property/Evidence Officer processes approximately 3,600 new pieces of evidence per year. The Property Evidence Unit is also responsible for the custody and disposition of approximately 25,000 evidentiary items stored at the Department’s property room.


Criminal Investigations Lieutenant:
Lt. Phil Engstrom


City of Kerrville
701 Main Street
Kerrville, TX 78028