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Records Unit

The Kerrville Police Department’s Records Unit is comprised of a Records Supervisor and one full time Administrative Records Clerk.

This Unit gathers and prepares criminal offense reports that the Police Officers compose while on patrol. They perform data entry on these reports and prepare and take them to each of the prosecuting courts; this includes Municipal, County, Juvenile, and two District Courts. The Unit handles approximately 5,000 reports per year.

In 2009 the Support Services Division developed the “Paperless” Initiative that the Records Unit has implemented. The Records Unit manages the schedules of the Department’s several volunteers from the Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, who have scanned approximately 8,000 old paper arrest records into the Records Management System (RMS) data base. Presently, the Department is scanning all paper documents into the Department’s RMS data base, known as Crimes.

The Unit performs local background checks for the military, employers, etc. They assist the public in supplying offense reports and perform Texas Public Information Act (formerly Texas Open Records Act) requests.

The Records Unit works closely with the FBI by providing important statistical documentation, specifically the Uniform Crime Reporting program (UCR) for the State of Texas. The UCR is an annual publication.

Accident reports are now available online! Please click here to be redirected to the website that allows you to view and download your report

Records Unit Supervisor
Allison Baker


City of Kerrville
701 Main Street
Kerrville, TX 78028