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Fire Marshal
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Our Purpose
The Kerrville Fire Marshal’s Office identifies and eliminates potential fire hazards and reduces the frequency and effects of fire through education, code administration, enforcement, plan review and fire origin/cause investigations all conducted in a cooperative, competent manner.

The Fire Marshal’s Office strategy is organized around the following critical mission areas:
  • Fire Inspections: The Fire Inspectors are responsible for the effective prevention of fires through periodic inspections of commercial and/or public buildings, licensed facilities and operations, and other buildings in the City of Kerrville.
  • Fire Investigation: The Arson/Fire Investigators are responsible for the effective investigation of fires and explosions in the City of Kerrville, also including fire records and juvenile intervention programs.
  • Fire Prevention: The primary concern of this section of the Fire Marshal’s Office is saving of lives and property by preventing fires before they start. Fire prevention is accomplished by identification and elimination of the hazards that cause and support the spread of fire within the City of Kerrville. This goal is accomplished through public fire education, fire inspections, fire investigations and code enforcement.

Our Values
The Kerrville Fire Marshal’s Office’s greatest asset is the Investigators and Inspectors who embrace and live by a set of enduring Core values. These values give them strength and form the basis for every action; they bond each member into the team that will meet and withstand every challenge.
  • Integrity is the quality that, without compromise, guides Fire Marshal Office personnel to act responsibly, to be dependable and responsible, to hold others accountable for their actions, and to respect humanity.
  • Commitment is the bond between all Fire Marshal’s Office members that drives us to complete any mission, to get the job done in support of peers, subordinates, or superiors by sharing the load and looking out for each other’s welfare.
  • Excellence is the total, 24-hour a day, dedication to the community and the people we protect. It is the driver behind our determination to achieve the highest standard of achievement in everything we do.

Our Vision
To provide superior and professional customer service to our citizens; to develop “best practices” models of performance, and to provide a dynamic and secure work environment for our employees.
  • Strategic Goals: Reduce the number of fire fatalities, fires started by juveniles and fire fighter injuries and deaths. To address emergent issues. Build a disaster-resistant community through partnership with other agencies.
  • Operational Goals (services provided to the public): Reduce fire loss through fire prevention programs and fire and life safety inspections. To investigate cause, origin and circumstances of fires and explosions. Investigate criminal activities and prepare charges when appropriate. When found, recover lost and stolen property and make a proper disposition. Maintaining records of all fires within the City of Kerrville. Provide reasonable cooperation to other agencies in order to achieve mutual objectives.
  • Administrative Goals: Protect the legal rights of all citizens and comply with and enforce all applicable laws. To attain the highest degree of professionalism possible, through training and public awareness. Empower employees to develop benefit-oriented solutions and programs. Plan and organize the Kerrville Fire Marshal’s Office’s resources to accomplish long and short term goals. Provide effective leadership for the Fire Marshals’ Office personnel.

Our Operating Philosophy
The Kerrville Fire Marshal’s Office’s operating philosophy is based on four embodiments of our core values. Everything we do, every day we do it, relies on every staff member’s firm belief and solemn pledge that:
  • We will serve our Customers – Fire Marshal’s Office exists to serve the public, the fire department and other agencies. We will put our customers’ needs first and will treat each customer with courtesy and respect.
  • We will preserve our Integrity – Fire Marshal’s Office is recognized for integrity, professionalism, accountability and innovation. We will maintain this reputation through adherence to our Core Values, through continuous quality improvement and our commitment to excellence.
  • We will take care of our People – Fire Marshal’s Office employees are our greatest asset. We will provide a work environment that promotes safety open communication and recognizes the contributions of all team members. We will provide the necessary facilities, tools and equipment to accomplish our assignments safely, completely and in accordance with recognized standards of performance.
  • We will protect our Future – Fire Marshal’s Office will provide value-added services for the citizens of Kerrville and the surrounding area, when called upon. We will protect the taxpayer’s investment by properly using and caring for all equipment assigned for our use; we will actively seek the best value when purchasing equipment or contract service, and will reduce waste whenever possible; and we will accomplish our mission with integrity, commitment to excellence and teamwork.

City of Kerrville
701 Main Street
Kerrville, TX 78028