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Issue 87 - Are You Wanted?
 City logo.JPG Are you wanted?
By Pat Goldthorn, City Marshal

“Got unpaid warrants” for traffic citations or other Class C misdemeanors out of the Kerrville
Municipal Court?

The City of Kerrville Municipal Court is seeking persons who have active warrants and who want to pay their fines or work out a payment plan in order to avoid arrest and other charges.

The Municipal Court is responsible for handling Class ‘C’ misdemeanor cases filed by the Kerrville Police Department, City of Kerrville Code Enforcement, Kerrville Fire Department, and Kerr County Animal Control for violations that occur within the City of Kerrville city limits. Once a case is filed by one of these entities, a court appearance is set for the person to attend a court setting to answer to the charge filed against them.  If the person fails to attend the court appearance, a warrant may be issued for the non-appearance by the person.  Another possibility for a warrant to be issued is if a person has appeared before the Judge and the person either fails to comply with the Judge’s order or fails to attend a show cause hearing to answer why the order was violated.

Once a warrant has been issued by the Municipal Court Judge, the City Marshal has the duty of contacting the person and notifying them of the pending warrants. The City Marshal may send a warrant letter to the individual and may also attempt to contact them with a phone call, if possible. The original warrants are then filed at the Kerrville Police Department so that the Kerrville Police Officers can also serve the warrants along with the City Marshal.

An effort is being made to try to clear warrants for compliance and enforcement reasons.  The Court understands that sometimes a person will forget about their citation and court date or other circumstances may arise that prevents a person from attending their court appearance.  An individual may contact the Court at any time to check to see if they have an outstanding warrant and ask how to dispose of the warrant if it is discovered that there is in fact an active warrant.

We want to provide as many opportunities as possible for persons to pay their outstanding fines without the fear of being arrested.  No one with a warrant for a Class C misdemeanor or traffic citation will be arrested if:

    1.    The person comes to Kerrville Municipal Court and speaks with the City Marshal 
           prior to a law enforcement officer making contact with you; or
    2.    Arrangements for payment are made before September 1, 2009 with the 
           Municipal Court Judge.    

Take advantage of this period, and take care of any outstanding warrants.  By not taking care of the warrants, costs may increase and there are additional consequences.  After September 1, 2009, if you have a warrant, you will be subject to being arrested and taken to jail. Besides the original fine, you may also be charged with failure to appear, and in some instances, you will not be able to renew your driver’s license with the state until the fines are paid.

After September 1, 2009, a list of warrants filed for the Kerrville Municipal Court will be available on the City of Kerrville website located in the “City Departments” section under Municipal Court. The list will be maintained on a monthly basis.

The City Marshal can be reached via telephone at (830) 257-1240.  You may also visit with him in person by coming to Kerrville Municipal Court located at 301 McFarland.


City of Kerrville
701 Main Street
Kerrville, TX 78028