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Ride Out Waiver
Ride Out Waiver
Kerrville Fire Department EMS Ride-Out Policies and Procedures are as follows:
  • All Emergency Medical Service students will sign a Fire and EMS Release and Waiver before that student will be allowed to do their ambulance clinicals. The original will be kept on file at the Administrative office and the student should have a copy of the waiver during each ride-out.
  • Each Emergency Medical Service rider will strictly follow all City of Kerrville and Kerrville Fire Department personnel policies.
  • The City of Kerrville reserves the right to refuse any student the right to do their ambulance clinicals at our facilities.
  • Each student will be required to call the Kerrville Fire Department Administrative Office (830-257-8449) to sign up for an ambulance clinical. Kerrville Fire Department does not allow students to stay after 10 p.m. and the earliest they can start will be 8 a.m. Must schedule the ride out three (3) days in advance.
  • Each EMS rider will be required to wear an appropriate uniform while doing their ambulance clinicals.
  • Each EMS rider will be under direct supervision and proctoring of the Paramedic.
  • An evaluation form will be filled out by the Paramedic (if required) each time the rider attends an ambulance clinical.
  • All paperwork to be signed will be completely filled out with the name of the student, date, the patient information and the treatment before it will be signed by the EMT in charge.

If feasible, KFD EMS Paramedics will allow students to participate at the level of education on their patients. If all they would like to do is observe, this is permissible, but not advisable. The ambulance clinicals are used to familiarize the student with the every day field situations that they might incur as an EMT.

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