Schedule of Fines and Costs

Schedule of Fine and Costs
Effective JANUARY 2020
The Court will accept the fine and costs as full payment without the necessity of a court appearance.  If you choose to come to court, the judge will consider the entire fine range set by law.

 Speeding  Amount Due
 1-10 mph  $234.00
 11 mph  $239.00
 12 mph  $244.00
 13 mph  $249.00
 14 mph  $254.00
 15 mph  $259.00
 For each additional mile per hour add $5.00  
 For School Zone fines and costs, please contact the court  
 Traffic Violations Amount Due 
Operate Unregistered Motor Vehicle   $181.00
 Expired/No Driver's License  $181.00
 Ran Red Light  $234.00
 Ran Stop Sign  $234.00
 Fail to Use Seat Belt  $159.00
 Child Safety Restraint Violations  $235.00
 Unsafe Turn Lane Changing or Passing  $235.00
 Fail to Yield Right of Way  $235.00
 Fail to Control Speed  $235.00
 Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility  $331.00
 State Law Violations Amount Due 
 Theft under $100.00  $581.00
 Public Intoxication  $581.00
 Disorderly Conduct  $581.00
 **** For violations not contained in this fine and costs schedule, please contact the Court.  Juveniles (persons under the age of 17) must appear in open court with a parent or legal guardian before the Municipal Court Judge.  Anyone under the age of 21 who is charged with an alcohol related violation must appear in open court before the Municipal Court Judge.