National Citizen Survey

Citizens gave Kerrville exceptional marks for public safety, quality of life, parks/recreation, education and enrichment and more in a statistically valid Citizen Survey.

How the Survey Works

The City of Kerrville hired the National Research Center to conduct a "National Citizen Survey" in the months of November and December 2016. 1,800 households were randomly selected to participate in the survey and each of those households received a copy of the survey by mail.

The National Research Center received a total of 513 responses to the mail survey which is a return rate of 29% with a 4% margin of error. The National Research Center expects a return rate of at least 25% and a margin of error less than 5% for a statistically valid sample. The City of Kerrville's results fall well within that range and can be considered a highly reliable sample of citizen satisfaction.


A Summary of Key Findings

  • 84 percent rated Kerrville as an excellent or good place to live.
  • 85 percent favorably rated the overall feeling of safety in Kerrville.
  • The City rated above the national benchmark as a place to retire. 83 percent rated Kerrville as an excellent or good place to retire.
  • More than 80 percent gave excellent or good ratings to the overall quality of life in Kerrville.
  • 75 percent gave high marks to the quality of City Services and the overall customer service provided by Kerrville employees.
  • The major categories of municipal services with the highest levels of satisfaction were:
    • quality of police, fire and ambulance services at 95 percent;
    • quality of parks and recreation programs and facilities at 86 percent;
    • quality of the Kerrville Public Utility Board at 85 percent; and
    • fire prevention efforts at 84 percent at 84 percent.
Place to Live Chart