EOC Alert Readiness Levels

READINESS LEVELS – Emergency Management

Green - Readiness Level IV – Normal Conditions

Yellow - Readiness Level III – Increased Readiness

1. Monitor the situation and consider situation briefings for senior staff.
2. Alert key personnel, determine personnel availability, and update staff call lists.
3. Check readiness of all equipment and repair or replace as needed.
4. Check status of supply items and restock as needed.
6. Review plans and procedures and update them, if necessary.

Orange - Readiness Level II – High Readiness

1. Alert personnel of possible emergency duty.
2. Place selected personnel and equipment on standby, as needed.
3. Identify personnel to staff the EOC in the event the facility is activated.
4. Prepare to implement inter-local agreements.

Red - Readiness Level I– Maximum Readiness

1. Mobilize selected departments and personnel.
2. Consider precautionary deployment of personnel and equipment, if appropriate.
3. Dispatch EOC representative(s) to the EOC when activated.