Wastewater Collections

Wastewater Collections maintains the collection system for wastewater throughout the City so that it can be properly treated at the Water Reclamation Plant. 

Department Responsibilities

  • Customer Service: responsible for protecting public health by responding to various customer service calls related to sewer line blockage on a 24/7 basis.
  • Collection System: responsible for maintenance and repair of 227 miles of collection lines, 3,163 sewer manholes, and 27 lift stations.
  • System Infrastructure: responsible for maintaining the integrity of the system by performing various activities such as pipeline cleaning, pipeline repairs, manhole inspections, pipeline locates, and televising the system.
  • System Monitoring: responsible for monitoring system by utilizing SCADA and GIS software, which aids to ensure lift stations are functioning properly and prepare for unseen circumstances. Monitoring flow rates at collection points allow staff to evaluate potential sources for inflow and infiltration.

Department Accomplishments

In the last year, we:

  • Cleaned 162,342 collection lines
  • Televised over 99,142 collection lines
  • Repaired over 55 manholes
  • Documented 3,673 man-hours on repair orders
  • Completed organizational restructuring by splitting Wastewater Collections off from Water Reclamation into its own department. 

FY2020 Objectives

Key Priority Area: Wastewater & Drainage:

  • Develop a public outreach plan
  • Streamline customer service calls and improve response time
  • Update webpage to improve customer service
  • Inspect and record sewer pipeline, as needed
  • Perform quarterly safety training
  • Complete Legion Lift Station Project
  • Complete staff training in order to maintain necessary licenses