Water Distribution

  1. Water Distribution

    Physical Address
    620 Hays St.
    Kerrville, TX 78028

    Emergency Phone: 830-257-8181

  2. Henry Michel

Provides 24/7 construction support and maintenance for the City’s water and wastewater infrastructure. This department handles the emergency repair work of all broken water lines owned by the city. These repairs take high priority to ensure public safety, minimal water loss and service disruption to the customer.  


  • More than 260 miles of distribution lines
  • Extend water and wastewater mains of various sizes
  • Install new manholes and valves
  • Maintain all the city’s existing water mains, fire hydrants, and valves
  • Install, maintain and repair of all fire hydrants within the City’s distribution system
  • Perform new installation taps into the city’s water and wastewater system
  • Provide assistance to other departments for flood control, traffic control and clean up after major storms

Department Accomplishments

In the last year, we:

  • Relocated over 2,400 feet of water mains
  • Exercised 1,060 water valves, nearly double from the previous year
  • Responded to more than 2,500 Texas 811 utility locate requests, an increase of more than 500 tickets the previous year
  • Completed over 2,700 customer requested work orders, including new taps and other repairs
  • Performed maintenance on over 1,250 fire hydrants
  • Installed 48 new water taps and 42 new sewer taps
  • Repaired 84 water main breaks and service line leaks
  • Responded to 3,158 customer service calls
  • Replaced over 1,200 feet of water main lines, and installed more than 950 feet of new water main lines
  • Installed 984 feet of new wastewater main lines
  • Completed nearly 400 training hours

FY2023 Objectives

Key Priority Area: Water, Wastewater & Drainage:

  • Upgrade and maintain infrastructure to improve efficiencies and water quality
  • Ensure that all fire hydrants within the distribution system are properly maintained
  • Exercise 25% of the control valves in the distribution system
  • Evaluate all existing water valves and make necessary replacements
  • Ensure infrastructure is accurately updated in GIS 

Key Priority Area: Public Facilities & Services

  • Provide a high level of customer service by responding to all dig test requests within the allowed time, responding to any main leaks within 3 hours, and making all necessary notifications to the public when needed. 
  • Invest in training so staff is operating with optimal knowledge of safety & operations.

“In the event of an after-hour water or wastewater emergency, please notify police dispatch at (830) 257-8181.”