The City developed the regulations set forth in this Chapter in a comprehensive manner in order to guide the planning and growth of the City of Kerrville, Texas, and to promote and protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the City.  The general intent of the Zoning Code is: 

(1) To promote a harmonious relationship between land uses which promotes and protects the aesthetic quality of the landscape and enhances the value of land and buildings; 

(2) To specifically address those areas within the City which have scenic, historic, and  tourist  related  values  such  as  the  Guadalupe  River,  the  major  highway  entrances, and the central business district, and to encourage the development of these areas in a manner that protects their uniqueness and aesthetic values; 

(3) To provide for a variety of land uses at appropriate locations within the city; 

(4) To promote a safe and effective transportation system; 

(5) To outline the appropriate density controls which will: 

a. Encourage proper population and structural densities 

b. Avoid undue concentration of population; 

c. Promote infill development; and 

d. Discourage development patterns that create sprawl or large undeveloped tracts of land between developed areas within the City; 

(6) To encourage quality urban design and creative development techniques;

(7) To provide for adequate open spaces for light, air, and livability;

(8)  To  facilitate  and  coordinate  the  adequate  provision  of  public  utilities  and  community services; and

(9) To implement the policies of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. 

Zoning Documents