Building & Permit Information

Getting Started

How do I get started and do I really need a permit?

The permit requirements relate to the function of the Building Inspection Division as defined by the City of Kerrville. In very basic terms, the purpose of the Building Inspection Division is to ensure compliance with adopted codes and ordinances of the City of Kerrville. That means permits are required for most project unless they are very minimal in nature.

Building Permits

What Things Require a Building Permit?

A permit is required for each stage of construction. In almost all cases, your contractor(s) is responsible for obtaining those permits and you, as the homeowner, will not have to become personally involved with the Building Inspection Division.

If any contractor is doing carpentry, electrical work, plumbing, mechanical, concrete, or other type of construction on your home, business or property, they must obtain permits for such work and the burden of responsibility to meet the City of Kerrville Codes and Ordinances falls on the Contractor and the owner.

This is a very important aspect in the issuance of a building permit, particularly if any discrepancies are found during the inspection process. If the permit is issued to the homeowner or owner of the property, which is permissible by state law, the homeowner or owner of the property becomes the sole responsible party. 

Make sure the permit is issued to the contractor doing the work on your home or property.

 What do I do when I get the permit?

The permit must be posted on the job site along with an address sign that is readable from the street if no street address is already present in the area. The job can begin as soon as the permits are all issued - and may continue subject to required inspections and approvals. 

Site Plans

What Components Do I Need in a Site Plan to Get a Building Permit?

If the project is a simple one, e.g., adding a room or storage building to your home or property, the following are the usual minimum requirements for a site plan:

  1. The property must meet the platting requirements of the Zoning Division.
  2. A plot plan drawn to scale that shows all buildings and architecturally significant aspects located on the property. This would include such things as easements, rights of way, drainage structures, parking, etc.
  3. A foot print (drawing of a structure) of any proposed development with the dimensions shown from the property lines and architecturally significant appurtenances on the site. These should be drawn to scale.
  4. Any changes to the natural drainage of the property caused by the construction of impervious cover (sidewalks, driveways, roof structures, etc.) on the property. The amount of detail required on this drainage diagram will be reviewed and determined by the Building Inspection Division and may include anything from arrows drawn on the plot plan to a formal study by a licensed engineer.

Floor Plans

What Type of Structural or Floor Plans are Required for a Permit?

A structural (floor) plan should be provided to the Building Inspection Division with sufficient detail to adequately describe the construction elements for plan review. If there is insufficient information, the plan will be returned to the applicant for revision. A good set of plans will expedite the granting of your permit. The plan review process can take up to 10 business days.

Structural details required by the Building Inspection Division Staff will usually include:

  1. Foundation details, piers etc.
  2. Framing layout
  3. Locations and layout of electrical equipment (plugs, switches, light fixtures, panels, etc.)
  4. Electrical load calculation
  5. Location and layout of plumbing equipment (sinks, hose bibs, sewer lines, water closets, dishwasher, etc.)
  6. Location and size of windows, doors, etc.
  7. Any other requirements as requested by the staff.
  8. Along with the above requirements, you may need to provide flood plain elevation certification (if the property is located in a flood hazard area, see Floodplain Management Association

Application Submission

If I have my plan together, what do I do?

The applicant, usually the contractor, but at times the homeowner, must complete the application for a building permit and submit the application and plans to the Building Inspection Division through MyGovernmentOnline (MGO).  The plan review fee will be collected at time your application is accepted.

Information on the application should include:

  • The date of submission
  • The address of the property requiring the permit
  • The legal description of the property
  • The estimated cost of construction
  • The square footage of construction
  • A description of the work to be done
  • The name of the contractor
  • The address and phone numbers of the contractor
  • The name of the owner of the property
  • The address and phone number of the property owner
  • The signature of the applicant

What happens when the Building Inspection Division receives my application?

When the application is submitted to the Building Inspection Division, various members of the department will review the application. Each section of the department that is responsible for certain aspects of the application must review the application to meet that standards for final approval.

Once the application has been approved by all sections concerned, the appropriate fees are determined and the applicant is contacted via email by the Building Inspection Division that the permit is ready to be granted. The next step in this process prior to the final issuing of the permit requires that all applicable fees must be settled.

When all fees are settled and paid, the permit is now available to print from MGO.  All plans submitted to the Building Inspection Division during the application process will be maintained in MGO. Permit records are public information and are often used when a property is sold or transferred because permit records can determine compliance with codes and ordinances of the City of Kerrville. 


If you have a question about whether a permit is required or how to access MGO please call us at (830) 258-1514.