The following are the licensing and permit procedures for the city of Kerrville, Texas:

The City of Kerrville requires a contractor who holds himself out for hire to the general public to be licensed with the City of Kerrville and to apply for and be issued a building permit. To obtain a General Contractor License one must:

  1. Provide a bond in the amount of $5000.00 on a form provided by the Development Services or a document provided by your insurance provider. This bond must be in force at any time the General Contractor is issued a permit.
  2. Pay the license fee of $300.00 for the first year and $100.00 each year thereafter. Licenses expire December 31st of each year.  
  3. Provide information on forms available for this purpose to the Building Inspection Division which includes name, business name, address, telephone number, etc.
  4. A one-time general contractors License is available for a fee of $150.00 per project. Once The permit gets approved through the permit Process you would pay for the one-time general contractors license. This license is only good for the project that was approved. Once the Project is complete the license is no longer valid. 

The General Contractor must provide a full set of plans, to scale, for any construction for which a permit is to be issued. The complete set of plans must be up loaded into the department software MyGovernmentOnline (MGO): 

  1. A site plan with all dimensions shown (is changing the "foot print" of an existing building or adding a separate building on a property). This must meet the requirements of the zoning ordinance regarding set-backs, zoning district, etc.
  2. A floor plan showing the location of all doors, windows, architectural components, electrical, plumbing and mechanical equipment.
  3. A set of elevations of the structure is needed showing the exterior of the building and its finish.
  4. Foundation plans and specifications. This includes beam details and placement of beams in the slab (Depending on type of construction)
  5. Pier and beam layout and dimensions of lumber and framing materials. Sufficient details to conduct a complete plan review will be required. (Depending on type of construction)
  6. Any framing details or other building details required by the Building Inspection Division. These requirements will be made known to you following a preliminary plan review.
  7. A full set of specifications (if provided with the project) must accompany plans.
  8. Drainage plans showing drainage onto and away from the lot as well as the elevation above the curb, street or existing drainage structure. the complexity of this study will be determined by the City Staff.
  9. The City reserves the right to request any additional documents as needed to approve the project.

The complexity of the plan process depends on the complexity of the project. The permit process involves the following:

  1. Plans are received by the Building Inspection Division and a permit application is completed through MGO. This includes the name of the contractor the owner of the property, lot block, and the name of subdivision, the use of the building or structure, the dollar value of work being done or square footage, and other information as required by the Building Inspection Division.
  2. A complete plan review is conducted. We have 10 business days to review the plans and either they will issue a permit or send comments back with revisions that will need to be made. When revision are resubmitted the department will have an additional 10 business days from the time you send us the revisions.
  3. Fees are established and recorded on the permit application along with any discrepancies noted during the plan review process. The Building Inspection Division staff will either accept the plans as provided, request the plans be corrected and submitted for a second review, or have small changes to the plans made in the office and initialized by the General Contractor. Once notified that the review has been completed and the plan are acceptable, the General contractor can pay all the applicable fees and be issued the permit. The plans submitted to the Building Inspection Division are to remain on file within MGO.
  4. The General Contractor will be responsible to see all required inspections are made and approved prior to concealing any portion of the building. The required inspections are identified through the customer portal of MGO.

The Development Services is available for your assistance and would rather deal with problems in the planning stage than in the field. Please contact any of the persons below for information during regular business hours:

  • Drew Paxton: Planning Director (830) 258-1514
  • Stephen Riggs: Chief Building Official (830) 258-1514
  • Steve Melander: Planner (830) 258-1514
  • Jason Lackey: Fire Marshal (830) 258-1205
  • Kyle Burow: Director of Engineering  (830) 258-1410
  • Scott Loveland:  Public Works Director (830) 258-1231

Contractors should be aware of the linked site reached by clicking here that provides information to the homeowner. Your homeowner clients may have questions regarding this information ranging from permit to inspection to fees.