• The lab door will be locked – please ring bell for service.

• Sample receiving will take place at the window by the lab door.

• Pay with check or request to be invoiced.

Call the lab at 830-257-4230 with questions

Water Testing for Your Safety

The City of Kerrville Laboratory (Lab) is a TCEQ approved water testing lab under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) regulation.

The Lab provides sampling and analysis support to the Water Production and Water Reclamation Divisions. The Lab also responds to environmental complaints and wastewater overflows in addition to assisting in wastewater pre-treatment operations. The Lab is committed to providing the most reliable and highest quality analytical service to our customer and community at a reasonable cost.


In the event of an after-hour Public Works emergency, please notify police dispatch at (830) 257-8181.

Department Responsibilities

  • Internal Testing: the Lab is responsible for providing sampling and analysis support for Water Production and Water Reclamation to ensure compliance with TCEQ and EPA regulations.
  • External Testing: the Lab provides water and wastewater testing for a fee to commercial and private customers in the region.
  1. Laboratory

    Physical Address
    1000 Thompson Drive
    Kerrville, TX 78028

  2. Daniel Bigott

    Laboratory Manager

Department Accomplishments

In the last year, we:
  • Performed nearly 3800 lab tests for the Water Reclamation Plant
  • Performed more than 900 lab tests for Water Production
  • Performed over 1500 water analyses on public samples
  • Performed approx. 475 tests on grease trap samples

FY2024 Objectives

Key Priority Area: Water, Wastewater & Drainage
  • Maintain NELAC Certification at Laboratory
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility for all laboratory and pre-treatment operations
  • Provide quality testing of samples for Water Production & Water Reclamation
  • Provide sampling, sample analysis, and tracking for grease trap program
  • Maintain TCEQ Drinking Water Laboratory Approval
  • Provide cross-training to increase versatility and ensure TCEQ compliance
  • Streamline laboratory procedures and protocols to ensure cost-effective practices
  • Maintain a high level of service to new and existing customers