Memorial Tree Program

The City of Kerrville Parks and Recreation Department offers you a special way to honor a loved one by placing a commemorative tree or bench in the city parks system. This program offers a positive way to honor a loved one and enhance the beauty of your community.

Trees are planted in the fall or spring depending on the proper planting time for the variety of tree selected. The trees will be a minimum of three inches in diameter to ensure a good chance of survival. If a tree dies, the Parks and Recreation Department will replace the tree for no additional cost, however the variety may be different depending on the circumstances by which the original tree did not survive.

Specific locations for tree and bench placement within the parks system may be requested, however, final locations and varieties are subject to approval based on need. City staff will assist the donor with selecting a tree and location or bench location that best fits the needs of both the donor and the Parks and Recreation Department.

The fee for the bench program is $1,000 which includes the plaque; donors purchase the trees. For more information on this program, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department.