Zoning Ordinance Input Committee

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Zoning Ordinance Input Committee Members

John Mosty - Chairperson A.L. "Curg" Starkey, III
Beverly Buffington Rustin Zuber
Ruth Spradling

Staff Contact:

Sabine Kuenzel, Executive Director of Development Services
(830) 258-1170


Zoning Ordinance Input Committee Details


Residents of the City of Kerrville

Board Application:

Apply online for membership to this board
Print out an application for membership to this board

Powers and Duties:

  1. Organize committee
  2. Arrange meeting schedule and location, with the fundamental goal that meeting times and locations be as accessible as possible to encourage public input
  3. Educate itself on the City’s existing Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance No. 97-07)
  4. Review the Zoning Ordinance and map for conformance with the City’s land use plan and comprehensive plan updates
  5. Review the Zoning Ordinance for any deficiencies, voids, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and technical errors
  6. Upon completion of the draft ordinance by staff and reviewed by the planning and zoning commission, ZOIC will be asked to review and comment on the document.

Term of Office:

Completion of review of draft ordinance



Number of Members:


Meeting Time & Place:

At the call of the committee

Established By:

Resolution No 008-2009


June 12, 2014