What about Home Occupations?
Home Occupations

(49) Home Occupation: An occupation, business, or activity occurring in a dwelling unit, or an accessory building or garage associated with a dwelling unit, which:

(i) is managed and owned by a person residing in the dwelling unit;

(ii) has no more than one employee who is:

a. not a member of the immediate family of the owner/manager. or

b. a member of the immediate family of the owner who does not live in the same dwelling unit.

(iii) has no commercial display visible from the exterior of the dwelling unit:

(iv) has no commercial show window visible from the exterior of the dwelling unit:

(v) requires no outdoor storage of materials, supplies, or equipment used in the business; does not have vehicles or trailers parked on the premises in a place visible from adjoining property or public right-of-way which identify by signs the occupation, business or activity are;

(vii) except for an unlighted name plate or business sign with a face not more than two square feet attached flush to the building, uses no exterior sign to identify the occupation or business or to indicate the means of access to the business, including, but not limited to any directional sign;

(viii) does not generate pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic or vehicular parking substantially greater or substantially different in kind or character than that ordinarily associated with a similar dwelling used solely for residential purposes;

(ix) requires the use of no more than three off-street parking spaces constructed on the premises;

(x) is no more dangerous to life, personal safety, or property than any other activity ordinarily carried on with respect to a dwelling unit used solely for residential purposes;

(xi) does not result in the production of noise, odors, or fumes that constitute a public or private nuisance to neighboring properties;

(xii) subject to conformance with paragraphs (i) through (xi), above, may include: day care for no more than five clients;

a. instructional classes that are associated with art, dance, music, handicrafts, hobbies, health or fitness, and similar subjects;

b. grooming of dogs and carts of not more than four at any one time, provided that none are boarded as a kennel.

c. massage therapy, chiropractic care, or facial, hair, and nail salons, provided that no more than two clients may be served at one time;

d. repair of small personal items such as watches or jewelry;

e. photographic studios;

f. seamstress or tailoring services;

g. small custom manufacturing services; or

h. multi-level marketing or similar sales businesses based within the home;

(xiii) does not involve the repair of vehicles, large equipment, or large appliance, unless:

a. not more than one vehicle or appliance is located on the property for purposes of repair; and

b. all work is carried on out of sight from the public by screening or conducting all work indoors; and

c. no vehicle left for repairs may be parked on a public street;

(xiv) does not involve retail sales except as part of a home-based multi-level marketing business or as incidental to another permissible home occupation.

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