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Application for Consideration of Board Appointment - Recovery Community Coalition

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  2. Application for Consideration of Appointment - Recovery Community Coalition
  3. The Public Information Act (PIA) may allow for public review of this application upon request

    Qualifications for the Recovery Community Coalition:
    At least one member from each of the following, but any of which may include more than one member:
    • Owner of a male boarding home facility with a valid permit issued by the City;
    • Owner of a female boarding home facility with a valid permit issued by the City;
    • Member of the recovering community;
    • Citizen of Kerrville with interest in these issues;
    • Representative of mental health support organizations such as Kerrville State Hospital;
    • Representative of Peterson Health;
    • Representative of Hill Country HMDD Centers;
    • Representative from a residential addiction treatment facility located within Kerr County; and
    • Two Councilmembers

    The purpose of the Coalition is to enhance the opportunities for the recovery community to become fully integrated into the fabric of Kerrville. The Coalition shall work toward considering and identifying strategies and techniques for reducing barriers for the recovery community to be fully integrated into the local community as well as to identify and advocate goals and ideas for enhancing positive relationships by and amongst the recovery community.

    Powers and Duties:
    On an annual basis, or more frequently as deemed proper by the Coalition or City Council, the Coalition should attend and report its conclusions, achievements, ideas, desires, and plans to the City Council. It is recommended that the initial issue with which the Coalition is charged to review is Ordinance No. 2013-06 (Chapter 30, Article I, Code of Ordinances), which addresses the operation of group homes and boarding home facilities operating within the City.

    Term of Office: Two years, maximum of two consecutive terms
    Number of Members: Fifteen
    Meeting Time & Place: Meetings are to be held every other Monday at 4:00 p.m., but at least once each calendar quarter in the upstairs conference room at City Hall.

    Established by: Resolution No. 26-2016
  4. Certification*
    I am not employed by the City of Kerrville. If appointed, I will notify the City of Kerrville of any changes in my residence or business, or of any other relevant changes that would affect my appointment. I will also notify the City if any potential conflicts of interest arise. I recognize that my appointment requires my regular attendance and participation at all scheduled meetings. Failure to do so may result in my removal. I am willing to make this commitment of time and effort. I understand and acknowledge that by selecting the 'I Agree' option below, I hereby certify that all information in this application is complete, truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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    When filed at city hall, this will become a public document that may be disclosed per the Texas Public Information Act.
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