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KERV Questionnaire - Aircraft General_Events


    Please complete this form if you are planning to fly to Kerrville-Kerr County Airport in April 2024 for the Total Solar Eclipse. 

  2. We encourage you to arrive Friday April 5 through Sunday April 7, prior to Monday April 8th eclipse, due to limited aircraft parking and air traffic congestion on Monday . Please complete fields below to best help us plan accordingly.
  3. Where will you be flying from to land in Kerrville?

  4. Submitting this form will take you to an Information Sheet. You will also be automatically added to our email listing for additional information updates prior to event. Please download/save the information form for your records.
  5. Additional Information

    Completion of this form DOES NOT guarantee access to the airport or a spot on the field the day of the event.

    Visit for Kerrville and Kerr County provided information on lodging accommodations and event viewing locations. 

    Follow our Social Media for most current information:

    • No camping or overnight lodging will be available on Airport property. 
    • NOTAM(s) will be issued in advance of each event with pertinent information. 
    • Fixed Base Operator, Kerrville Aviation will be coordinating the handling, parking and refueling of aircraft on the field. Self-serve fueling may be limited or closed during day of event and crews may experience extended wait times for fuel.
    • Kerrville Aviation will not begin taking Car Rental Reservations until February 2024 and is expected to have a limited number of rental cars available.  
    • Power/Electricity for laptops, cameras, or personal equipment is generally not available in aircraft parking areas. 

    We hope to see you soon! Safe travels. 

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