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Public Information Request

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  2. Please fill out the form below to submit a request for public information electronically, online.

    If you would prefer to print off this form, fill it out, and deliver it to City Hall, please click here.

  3. Request for Public Information
    REF: Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, Public Information Act

  4. The Texas Public Information Act prohibits a government body from inquiring into a requestor's reasons or motives for requesting information. However, the Act permits a governmental body to establish proper identification. A governmental body may ask a requestor to clarify a request for information if the request is unclear. If a large amount of information is requested, the governmental body is permitted to discuss with the requestor how the scope of a request might be narrowed. The Act applies only to information already in existence and does not require a governmental body to prepare new information in response to a request. Nor does the Act require a governmental body to inform a requestor if the requested information comes into existence after the request has been made. A governmental body is not required to comply with a continuing request to supply information on a periodic basis as such information is prepared in the future, nor is the body required to prepare answers to questions or to do legal research.

  5. By clicking the submit button below, understand and acknowledge that the City of Kerrville has 10 days to gather and provide you with the information you requested in your selected format. You agree that the contact information provided is accurate to the best of your knowledge as we must know how to get a hold of you to provide you with your requested information.

    You also understand and acknowledge that there may be charges associated with your request and you agree to pay the associated charges prior to receiving your requested information. The charges as defined in the City's adopted fee schedule are:

    Staff Research Time: $15/hr
    Copy Charges: $.10 per page
    CD/DVD: $1.00 per disk

    Other charges may apply, but you will be contacted and will approve those prior to staff proceeding.

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