Hiring Process

City of Kerrville Police Badge from 1936

There are a number of steps which must be completed prior to receiving an offer for employment. Presently, our hiring process is the same for both certified and non-certified applicants with some minor exceptions. Each step in the process must be successfully completed for an applicant to be hired. Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements will be disqualified. The first step can be accomplished via email, but other steps will involve coming to the Kerrville Police Department for processing (e.g. oral interviews, physical agility test and written test).


All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to apply for the position of police cadet:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age at time of application 
  • Must possess a High School Diploma or GED
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Must be a U.S. citizen (by birth or naturalized)
  • Must read, write, and speak English
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Completion of Basic Application

Submit an application on line:
Employment Application

Submission of Documentation

Upon your application being received by recruitment, you will be sent via email the Personal History Statement (PHS), Information Release, and the Background Questionnaire.  The PHS will also require you to submit certain documentation which must be submitted within two weeks.

•    Copy of your Social Security card, valid driver’s license, and auto liability insurance.
•    Original certified copy of your birth certificate. (No photo copy)
•    Copy of your High School diploma or GED certificate.
•    Sealed original certified copy of your college transcript. (No photo copy)
•    Photocopy of your college diploma.
•    Copy of your Peace Officer Certificate from your police academy. (Peace Officer Applicants Only)
•    Copy of your Texas peace officer license and all training certificates awarded to you. (Peace Officer Applicants Only)
•    Copy of your DD-214 if applicable. Must possess an honorable discharge.
•    Original certified copy of your Naturalization papers, if applicable. (No photo copy)
•    Copy of any marriage certificates or dissolution of marriage papers
•    Credit report
•    Small 2”X3” color photograph (recent)

All items can be scanned and sent via email.  Upon the date of testing (Step 3) a certified copy of your birth certificate (or original) and certified college transcripts will need to be provided for viewing.  


This step begins with the applicant taking the rowing assessment.  Non-certified applicants must take the 2,000 meter row.  Certified applicants have the option of taking the 2,000 meter row, 500 meter row or the 4 minute row.   A 40% must be achieved on the rowing assessment for successful completion. 

  • 2000 Meter Row: 
    The 2000 Meter Row Calculator can assist you in determining your requirements and to establish your fitness goals.
  • 4 Minute Row: 
    This 4 Minute Row Chart can assist you in determining your requirements and to establish your fitness goals.
  • 500 Meter Row: 
    This 500 Meter Row Chart can assist you in determining your requirements and to establish your fitness goals.

Applicants that pass the rowing assessment move on to the written exam which consists of 4 sections: arithmetic, reading comprehension, grammar, and report writing. Each section must be passed independently.  

Upon successful completion of the written exam, applicants then take the M-Pulse Assessment. This is a questionnaire consisting of 455 questions, the results of which indicate whether the applicant is prone to certain types of conduct such as, issues regarding use of force, unsafe driving behavior, chemical dependency, etc. ;

Oral Interview

The applicant is interviewed by supervisory members and asked questions regarding ethics and hypothetical situations.

Background Investigation

The applicant undergoes a background investigation where prior employers, references and family members are interviewed to ascertain if the applicant has been accurate and forthcoming with the information they have provided in their submitted documentation.

Polygraph Examination

A polygraph operator asks the applicant if the information they provided in the application packet is truthful.

Psychological Testing (L-3)

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement requires psychological testing be administered for those attempting to become a Teas peace officer. Multiple tests are administered by a licensed psychologist.

2nd Interview

Oral Interview with the Chief of Police and Assistant Chief.

Physical and Drug Screen (L-2)

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement requires a physical and drug toxicology screen for those attempting to become a Texas Peace Officer.

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