Senior Executive Team

Kim [Web]
  1. Kimberly Meismer

    Interim City Manager

Mike Hays Exec Photo 2021
  1. Mike Hayes

    City Attorney

Michael Hornes
  1. Michael Hornes

    Assistant City Manager

Eric Maloney [Web]
  1. Eric Maloney

    Fire Chief

Police Chief Chris McCall
  1. Chris McCall

    Chief of Police

G_Garcia [Web]
  1. Guillermo Garcia

    Executive Director for Innovation

Julie Behren
  1. Julie Behrens

    Director of Finance

Stuart Barrons [Web]
  1. Stuart Barron

    Executive Director of Public Works and Engineering

  1. Ashlea Boyle

    Director of Parks and Recreation

Megan Folkerts - Close
  1. Megan Folkerts

    Senior Management Analyst

Stuart Cunyus [Web]
  1. Stuart Cunyus

    Public Information Officer