Swim Lessons

Three sessions of group swim lesson classes will be offered this summer at the Olympic Pool located at 601 Olympic Drive. This is a great way to introduce your infant to the water, learn basic swimming techniques, or refine skills. We offer classes for all level types from beginner to intermediate to advance. Child must have mastered skills from previous level to enroll. Classes are held Tuesday - Friday for two week sessions. The fee is $45 per session. Class times are 11:00 a.m. or 6:30 p.m. Classes may change depending on demand.


Registration begins February 1st online and at the Parks & Recreation Office located at Kerrville-Schreiner Park, 2385 Bandera Highway. Register early as classes fill very fast! Please call (830) 257-7300 for more information. Please note the registration deadlines listed below for each session.

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Cancellation Policy

Pre-session / program cancellations, refunds and / or transfers must be requested in writing with the Parks and Recreation office two (2) weeks prior to the first day of the session. We must have adequate time to prepare for necessary instructor assignments based upon attendance. No refunds will be given for less than two (2) weeks notice. You may choose one of these refund options if you cancel in writing within the two (2) week time period:

  • Transfer your registration fee to another program, pending availability
  • Request a refund of your registration fee minus a $20.00 processing fee per program per participant.

E-mail cancellations to: kerrpark@kerrvilletx.gov

2024 Schedule

Session 1: June 4 - June 14, 2024
Registration Deadline:
May 31, 2024

Session 2: June 18 - June 28, 2024
Registration Deadline:
June 14, 2024

Session 3: July 9 - July 19, 2024
Registration Deadline: July 5, 2024


Parent Handbook

For conservation purposes, the Parent Handbook will be given upon request and no longer distributed during registration. Please read the handbook in advance before your child's first day of lessons.


  11:00 a.m.
 6:30 p.m.
 11:00 a.m. 6:30 p.m.  11:00 a.m. 6:30 p.m. 
Water Exploration & Safety - Tadpoles    X    X X  
Preschool & Parent Level - Seahorses  X  X X  X  X  
Preschool Level - Guppies X
 X* X  X*  X*  X*
Beginner Level - Goldfish  X*  X X*  X  X  X*
Advanced Beginner Level - Dolphins  X  X X X  X  X
Intermediate Level - Sharks*  X    X     X
Classes may be changed depending on demand.
"X*" Indicates sessions in which we will offer two classes of the specific level.
*denotes intermediate or advanced level class that requires prerequisites. Proof of level completion may be required.
Water Exploration & Safety
(parent participation in water is required)
6 months - 2 years
30 minutes
Preschool & Parent Level
(parent participation in water is required)
2 - 4 years
30 minutes
Preschool Level
3 - 5 years
45 minutes
Beginner Level
6 years+
45 minutes
Advanced Level
6 years+
45 minutes
Intermediate Level
6 years+
45 minutes

Level Descriptions

Water Exploration and Safety (Tadpoles) - Ages 6 months - 2 years: This class is an introduction to water safety and basic water skills for both parent and child. The Water Exploration and Safety class is meant to allow the child to explore the water in a supervised and fun environment with the guidance of the instructor and parent. Parent and/or guardian participation in water is REQUIRED.

 Preschool + Parent Level (Seahorses)
- Ages 2-3 years: The objective of our Preschool + Parent swim class is to help students feel comfortable in the water while mom or dad is at their side. Students will learn elementary water skills that they can build on as they progress through the various swim lesson levels. We introduce the WaterSmart Rules that are encouraged by Sophie the Safety Seal — our very own mascot for the Jeff Ellis Swimming Program. Parent and/or guardian participation in water is REQUIRED.

 Preschool Level (Guppies)
- Ages 3-5 years: The purpose of the Preschool Level class is to help students feel comfortable in the water without the presence of mom or dad. Students will learn elementary water skills and safety tips that will stay with them throughout all swim lesson levels. Sophie the Safety Seal’s WaterSmart Rules are reinforced for increased aquatic safety.

 Beginner Level (Goldfish)
- 6 years+: The Beginner Level class builds on elementary water skills previously learned and teaches students the skills needed to complete a 25-yard swim for each of the following: elementary backstroke, front crawl, and breaststroke. All elementary water skills are reinforced so that they become second nature to the students. All water safety rules are discussed as well.

 Advanced Beginner (Dolphins)
- 6 years+: The Advanced Beginner class teaches students how to master stroke development and requires them to complete 50-yard swims of elementary backstroke and basic backstroke. Students are also asked to complete 25-yard swims of the breaststroke and front crawl with rhythmical breathing. We introduce scissor kick and sidestroke at this swim level too.

 Intermediate Level (Sharks)
- 6 years+: The Intermediate level class strengthens students’ coordination of key strokes. They are asked to complete 50 yards of front crawl with rhythmic breathing, 75 yards of backstroke, 50 yards of breaststroke, 50 yards of sidestroke, 75 yards of elementary backstroke, and 25 yards of butterfly. We introduce the sidestroke, butterfly and the act of treading water at this level.

Private Swim Lessons:

For those that prefer individual attention, Private Swim Lessons are now being offered during public swimming hours. Private Lessons consist of one on one individual swim instruction with the instructor. Availability is limited.
Fee is $100 per 4 days

Semi-Private Swim Lessons:

Semi-private lessons are with an instructor and up to two children who are at a similar skill level.
Fee is $150 per 4 days
To make an appointment for scheduling private swim lessons please contact Rosa Ledesma at (830) 258-1160. 
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