Citizen's Academy

2024 Citizen's Academy

RiverInterested in discovering what makes the City of Kerrville an outstanding place to live? Enroll in our 8 week course, offering an insider's view of the city's departments and operations. This program aims to cultivate informed, engaged, and proactive community members to enhance the city's vision for growth and development.

City-Seal - PNGPurpose: The Kerrville Citizen's Academy is a program that aims to provide residents with an in-depth understanding of the City of Kerrville and its various municipal functions. Through interactive and engaging classes, tours, and activities, you can gain insights into the roles of the City Council, public works, police and fire departments, and other services. The program is designed to help you develop connections with City staff, learn about their responsibilities, and find ways to get involved. Come join us and dive into a fun and interactive forum where you can explore the City of Kerrville like never before!

City-Seal - PNGEligibility: In order to participate in the Citizen's Academy, you must meet the following requirements:

        • You must be a resident of Kerrville
        • You must be at least 18 years old
        • You cannot be running for political office during the program period
        • You cannot be a current member of the Kerrville City Council
        • You must agree to attend all sessions

City-Seal - PNGCost: FREE

City-Seal - PNGApplications: For the current 2024 Citizens Academy, completion of the Kerrville Citizens Academy Application is mandatory. 

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