Field Operations Division

The Field Operations Division is the largest division within our agency that is comprised of three overlapping 12 hour shifts; Day Shift, Power Shift and Evening Shift. Each shift is supervised by a Patrol Sergeant. The overlapping shift schedule allows time for shift briefing, facilitates training and provides for increased staffing during peak calls for service periods. Patrol Officers are the most visible police entity within our community. Patrolmen conduct routine patrol in designated areas by vehicle, foot, and bicycle. They respond to calls for service and take action upon observing a circumstance or situation requiring police action. Many officers assigned to Field Operations are trained to perform in specialized aspects of law enforcement duties. Some of these include assignment as Evidence Technicians, Bike Patrol Officers, Field Training Officers, Traffic Officers and Officers assigned to the Special Operations Unit.

Coordinating Special Events activities is an important aspect of Field Operations efforts to enhance public safety. From the July 4th celebration in the park to parades and concerts, Field Operations provides services to enhance the quality of life in the Kerrville community. We are truly blessed with a talented and dedicated group of men and women that serve in our organization. These men and women are dedicated to their occupation and strive to exemplify solid, ethical values while performing their various duties. We consider it an honor to be able to serve our community in our chosen profession.


Officers in Field Operations are involved in the training of new officers as well as experienced officers. FTOs, Field Training Officers, have the added responsibility to ensure that new hires are trained and adhere to the mission, vision and values of the Department. Many of our Officers are TECOLE certified instructors that pass on their knowledge and experience through in-service training.

  1. Martin Morris - Lieutenant Field Operations

    Martin Morris

    Lieutenant - Field Operations