The Streets department works to improve the quality of life of citizens through maintenance and operation of street and drainage infrastructure.


Division Responsibilities

  • Streets/ROW: responsible for 147 miles of streets and right of way (ROW) operation and maintenance including herbicide, street sweeping, alley repair, sight obstruction removal, tree trimming, and bridge maintenance and repair
  • Traffic/Street Lighting: responsible for the installation, maintenance, inspection, and repair of all traffic control devices including traffic signals, school flashers, and pavement markings. Additional responsibilities include collecting traffic data, in-house sign fabrication, and managing requests for street light installation and repair. Street lights are operated and maintained by the Kerrville Public Utility Board (KPUB). This service is paid for from the Streets budget. 
  • Paving: responsible for pavement rehabilitation including crack seal, pothole repair, utility cut repair, milling, overlay, and reconstruction
  • Drainage: responsible for inspection, maintenance, and repair of all drainage systems including cleaning, grading and erosion control

In the event of an after-hour street or drainage emergency, please notify police dispatch at (830) 257-8181.

Department Accomplishments

In the last year, we:
  • Established a drainage maintenance and rehabilitation program
  • Committed additional funds and staff hours to beautification efforts
  • Dedicated 1,948 staff hours to drainage and rehabilitation
  • Reconstructed 1.17 lane miles of roadway
  • Slurry sealed 4.62 lane miles of roadway.

FY2019 Objectives

Key Priority Area: Mobility/Transportation
  • Manage allocated funding to ensure that services are provided in a cost effective manner
  • Evaluate daily operations in identify potential deficiencies make necessary improvements
  • Invest in staff training so that missions and goals are achieved with optimal knowledge and awareness
  • Utilize City resources prior to outsourcing services
Contact Us
  1. Streets

    Physical Address
    620 Hays St
    Kerrville, TX 78028

    Phone: 830-257-8000

  2. Joel Meyners

    Streets Manager

  3. Brandon Kelly

    Assistant Street Division Manager