Recycling (Curb-side)

The City of Kerrville has contracted with Republic Services for curbside waste and recycling collection. Curbside recycling service occurs every other Friday and is dependent on your normal trash pick-up. In reference to the Solid Waste Calendar

Monday & Tuesday trash collection days, recycling is serviced on the Green Fridays 

Wednesday & Thursday trash collection days, recycling is serviced on the Tan Fridays

  • Recycling for curbside collection needs to be placed out for collection no later than 7:30 a.m. of your assigned Friday
  • Not within 3 feet of any other object
  • Not within 5 feet of any vehicle
  • At least 16 feet of overhead clearance

*Lid must be able to close completely, as this prevents recyclables from falling onto the street which cannot be serviced by collection vehicles. 

Check out this short video on Recycling Simplified.

If you experience any issues with solid waste/recycling collections please contact 210-304-2700 to expedite your request. If needed you may call the City at 830-257-8000.

Allowed Items

There is no sorting required. Please do not place items in plastic bags. 
  • Aluminum products: Cans, foil, & pie plates. Please make sure there is no remaining food or liquid in the item(s).
  • Cereal, Kleenex, pizza, soap bar boxes, paper roll and tissue inserts, soft drink packaging, moving boxes, product shipment boxes. No waxed or plastic coated cardboard items and not larger than 2 feet x 2 feet
  • Magazines: Magazines, catalogs and telephone books
  • Mixed paper: Direct mail, envelopes, colored paper, or post it notes - No tissues or paper towels
  • Newsprint: Newspaper and the inserts
  • Shredded paper: White paper cut up, must be placed in paper bag ONLY
  • White paper: Office paper, school notebook, and office printer paper
  • Plastics: #1, #2, #5. Remove lids from bottled items. Please make sure there is no remaining food or liquid left in the item.
  • Steel/tin cans: Metal cans and lids (labels do not have to be removed). Please make sure there is no remaining food or liquid in the cans.
  • Glass bottles and jars(glass is not allowed at the drop off in an effort to reduce commercial businesses from disposing of wine bottles and etc.)   

NOT Allowed

*Recycling cans containing any of these items are considered contaminated and will NOT be serviced
  • Plastic Bags - empty or with items inside        
  • Batteries or electronics, including cords
  • Hazardous/Toxic containers
  • Flower pots or water hoses
  • Frozen food or chip bags
  • Plastic or metal hangers
  • Ceramic dishes, light bulbs, drinkware, mirrors
  • Food Waste, soiled paper plates or pizza boxes, napkins
  • Styrofoam containers, peanuts or packing material
  • Yard waste i.e. brush or leaves
  • Household waste
  • Construction material i.e. sheetrock, lumber, or shingles

Interactive Map of Solid Waste Services

You may use the above link to determine your trash collection day for your address.