Subdivision / Plats

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The  subdivision  of  land  is  a  major  factor  in  the  process  of  achieving  sound  community  development  which  ultimately  becomes  a  public  responsibility,  since  streets  and  utilities  must  be  maintained  and  public services customary to urban areas must be provided. Therefore, it is to the interest of the public, the  developer,  and  the  future  owners  that  subdivisions  be  conceived,  designed  and  developed  in  accordance  with  appropriate  design  standards  and  development  specifications.  


Except  as  otherwise  provide  below,  the  owner  of  land  located  within  the  city  limits  or  in  the  extraterritorial  jurisdiction  (ETJ)  of  the  City  who  subdivides  the  land  and/or  who  owns  previously   subdivided   land   which   was   not   platted   in   accordance   with   the   current   City   Subdivision  Ordinance,  must  have  a  plat  of  the  subdivision  or  lot  approved  as  provided  in  this  Ordinance.    No  improvements  to  the  subdivision  or  lot  shall  be  commenced  until  compliance  with this Ordinance if fulfilled.