Singing Wind Master Plan


City staff and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) began engagement on the Singing Wind Park Master Plan following the adoption of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2022 Update in April 2022. Singing Wind Park was the top ranked priority park identified for capital improvements in the recently adopted Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2022 Update. 

The park is 100 acres and amenities include the OIympic Pool, softball fields, two miles of hike / bike trails, playground, pavilion, picnic areas, and more. 

Kerrville 2050 Support

Park master planning is consistent with Kerrville 2050 (the City's comprehensive master plan) through a variety of guiding principles and action items outlined below. 

Key Priority Area:

P – Parks, Open Space, and River Corridor. 

Guiding Principles:

P4 – Update the Parks Master Plan, other applicable codes and ordinances and capital planning and funding priorities to support Kerrville 2050.

P5 – Focus on enhancing / investing in existing parks, their purpose or repurpose and improving accessibility before acquiring new land for parks. 

P8 – Provide recreational opportunities for all ages and abilities, both residential and tourists. 

Action Items:

P4.1 – Develop a new Parks Master Plan that rethinks parks, recognizing their social, recreational, ecological and public health benefits. 

P5.13 – Consider repurposing the Singing Wind Ball parks. 

P8.8 – Enhance the existing Lehmann-Monroe Dog Park, and add a second fenced dog park. 

Public Input Process

The Singing Wind Park Master Plan includes feedback from City staff, PRAB, and public input by the community over several public meetings. For convenience, e-mail submissions were also accepted for those unable to attend the public input meetings. The master plan was discussed at the PRAB meetings of June 23, 2022; July 20, 2022; August 16, 2022; and September 8, 2022. 

The PRAB unanimously approved the Singing Wind Park Master Plan on September 8, 2022. 

A joint workshop between the City Council and Parks and Recreation Advisory Board was held on September 20, 2022 to receive a presentation and discuss the Singing Wind Park Master Plan.

All meetings were posted and open to the public pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act. 

Approval Process

The plan approval and adoption consists of the following process:  

(Note: schedule is tentative and subject to change)

  1. Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Approval - September 8, 2022 
  2. Kerrville City Council Review (joint workshop between the City Council and the PRAB) - September 20, 2022.
  3. Kerrville City Council Adoption by Resolution -  September 27, 2022

Singing Wind Park Master Plan Priorities

Due to the size of the park (approximately 100 acres), and prioritizations based on feedback of the park user groups and public, the park plan is divided into four different zones with a variety of amenities per zone. Overall amenities in the plan include: 

  • trail improvements; 
  • ADA accessible lighted trail, define trails and develop enduro trails;
  • building and restroom improvements;
  • identifying and addressing erosion and maintenance issues;
  • parking improvements;
  • repurpose of softball fields two and three as fenced dog parks (both for large and small dogs);
  • improvements to softball field one;
  • playground improvements;
  • skate park enhancements and expansion;
  • lighting improvements throughout (dark sky compliance);
  • landscaping, irrigation, xeriscaping, retained vegetated buffer;
  • access points and trailheads;
  • improved intersection control;
  • Olympic Drive extension with River Trail connection to Schreiner University;
  • recommended relocation of gas line (Atmos);
  • unleashed fenced dog park area in vegetated area;
  • bike facility (BMX, pump track, etc.);
  • disc golf course (sanctioned);
  • sprayground;
  • open green space / play area;
  • covered sports court / fitness court;
  • group pavilion area;
  • evaluate feasibility of an irrigation pond utilizing effluent water, extend effluent;
  • park furnishings such as seating, shade, monument and general signage, dog waste receptacles, drinking fountains, etc.; and
  • incorporation of the Aquatics Feasibility Study for the Olympic Pool.

Singing Wind Park Master Plan 

Master Plan Cover Image


Presentation from the September 20, 2022 City Council / PRAB Workshop

Presentation from the July 20, 2022 PRAB Public Input Meeting

Presentation from the June 23, 2022 PRAB Meeting


Meeting Minutes

Parks and Recreation Master Plan Update 2022 and Kerrville 2050

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Please contact:

Ashlea Boyle, CPRP

Director of Parks and Recreation

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