EMS Non-Dedicated Standby Services

City of Kerrville EMS
EMS Non-Dedicated Standby Services

City of Kerrville Fire Department EMS (EMS) understands the importance of providing EMS during special events or community programs at no charge. The Non-Dedicated Standby Agreement linked below must be utilized in order to arrange any special EMS coverage.

In order for any organization or governmental entity to request special standby services from EMS, the agreement must be requested, completed, signed and returned to EMS at least seven (7) days prior to start of any single occurring special event. The dates, times and location must be; within City's Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), not be a recognized holiday, between the hours of 0830 – 2200 and not exceed three (3) hours.

Although EMS will make every effort to provide the level of service requested, no specific coverage can be guaranteed due to the nature of EMS and the fact that the first priority of EMS is to respond to 911 calls. Please read the agreement linked below carefully for details.

To complete the process of requesting Non-Dedicated Standby services from EMS, please accurately complete the agreement and submit it to EMS before applicable deadlines.

Non Dedicated Standby Agreement

You may return completed and signed agreements to:

Kerrville Fire Department
Attn: Division Chief - EMS

Kerrville Fire Department
encl: Dedicated Standby Agreement
87 Coronado Drive
Kerrville, Texas 78028