Ride-Out Program

The Kerrville Fire Department allows citizens to participate in EMS student clinicals or observe EMS operations for those interested in pursuing a career in Fire and EMS.

1) All City of Kerrville and Kerrville Fire/EMS Department Rules and Regulations, SOGs, Medical Protocols and Infection Control Protocols will be followed while participating in the ride-out program.

a) If these policies are not adhered to then it is at the discretion of any KFD Officer to dismiss the student for the remainder of the shift. The student may not return for another ride-out until the Division Chief - EMS Coordinator and Clinical Coordinator of the training facility confers and resolves the matter.

2) The following are allowed to ride out with the EMS:

a) Medical students (Doctor, Nurse, EMS, or any student of the medical profession)
b) High School students & Non-Medical are limited to two (2) 12-hour shifts
c) Any person with permission from the Division Chief - EMS Coordinator.

3) Times

a) 365 days, 0700 – 1900
i) May stay after 1900 if already assigned to a call
b) No overnight allowed
c) Only one rider per medic unit will be allowed.

4) Waiver

a) All students must sign a City of Kerrville Liability Waiver before we will schedule ambulance clinicals. The original will be kept on file at the Administrative office.
b) Each student will be required to call the Kerrville Fire Department Administrative Office (830-257-8449) to sign up for an ambulance clinical. Minimum three (3) days’ notice before scheduling a ride-out.

5) EMS Students

a) Each EMT student is under direct supervision and proctoring of the Paramedic in-charge.
b) Students may not change assigned ambulances during the shift without the approval of the Division Chief – EMS Coordinator.
c) Students are allowed to perform skills at the level of education if they have completed all the training facility requirements for that skill.
d) The Paramedic will complete an evaluation form (if needed) each time the rider attends an ambulance clinical rotation.
e) All paperwork to be signed will be completely filled out with the name of the student, date, the patient information and the treatment before it will be signed by the Paramedic in-charge.

6) High School Students & Non-EMT students

a) Are allowed to “observe” EMS operations and patient care
b) Are not allowed to participate in handling of medical equipment to include the stretcher
c) Assigned to the paramedic in-charge

Each Emergency Medical Service rider will strictly follow all City of Kerrville and Kerrville Fire Department policies. The City of Kerrville reserves the right to refuse any student the right to do their ambulance clinicals at our facilities. The ambulance clinicals are used to familiarize the student with the every day field situations that they might incur as an Emergency Medical Technician.