Deposits & Fees

Online Utility Exchange Service is utilized to determine if an account will require a deposit.
If required:

  • Residential accounts -  $100.00
  • Commercial accounts -  $200.00 or double estimated monthly bill (whichever is greater)

Deposits are refunded after 12 continuous months without any past due payments.

New Account Fee
$20.00 for new account set up with bank draft and E-Billing option
$25.00 for new account set up with E-Billing option
$40.00 for new account

Returned Item Fee
$30.00 for the following:

  • Check
  • ACH Draft

Service Charge
$35.00 for the following:

  • Pull or lock meter
  • Accounts not paid before 5pm on final due date

$75.00 for the following:

  • Turning on water after business hours
  • Tampering with meter

        (Note: Only city employees are permitted to turn water on/off at meter.  Damage to meters due to tampering will be charged to customer at actual cost plus labor.)

Late Fee
10% of current bill for accounts not paid in full by due date