Fire and Arson Investigations

building fire

To report information about a suspicious fire,
please call 1-877-4 FIRE 45
(1-877-434-7345) or

The Kerrville Fire Marshal's Office investigates all fires and explosions in the City of Kerrville. All fire investigators are required to be commissioned Peace Officers and Arson Investigators. Their investigations serve the citizens of Kerrville in several important ways. If the fire is determined to be a criminal act, such as arson, a second degree felony, this office aggressively investigates those fires to determine who is responsible, to arrest the offender, and to assist in the prosecution in order to deter the crime of arson. If the fire is found to be accidental, this office determines the cause of the fire and notifies the general public or specific manufacturers, to prevent future fires from the same cause. State law also requires the Fire Marshal's Office to assist other agencies investigating fires upon request.

The Kerrville Fire Marshal’s Office is currently staffed with two full time Arson Investigators. These individuals work on a 40 hour work week, with "on call" status for 24 hour service.