Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals

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  August 11, 2021 at 4:00 PM                             

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Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals Members

Mack Edmiston Michael Walker
Jennifer Hyde Vacant
Daniel Lowery
Bruce Motheral - Chair
Bob Rue  


Dallas Coon
Armando De La Mora

Staff Contact:

Stephen Riggs
Chief Building Official


Building Board of Adjustments and Appeals Details


Members shall be composed of the following:
  • An architect licensed to practice in the state;
  • A professional engineer licensed to practice in the state;
  • A master electrician licensed to practice in the state;
  • An unrestricted master plumber licensed to practice in the state;
  • A mechanical contractor with a Class A state license;
  • A person licensed by the city as a contractor;
  • A person that is active in the construction industry; provided, however, if the city council determines that there is no architect or professional engineer available to serve on the board, then council shall select a second person meeting this description to serve.
(*) alternate members shall be qualified as one of the following: master electrician, master plumber or mechanical contractor.

Powers and Duties:

1. To hear appeals of decisions and interpretations of the chief building official and fire code official and to consider variances to the standardized building codes as more specifically described in Sec. 26-251 of Ordinance No. 2010-15. No appeal may arise out of the city's issuance of citation for violation of any of the standardized building codes as the procedure for the consideration and decision regarding citations is solely under the purview and authority of the municipal court. In addition, the board shall have no authority to waive, and is prohibited from waiving, any requirement of the standardized building codes.
2. Recommend amendments to this chapter; any standardized building code adopted by the city council; or any other code, application, or process applicable to the city's review, application, interpretation and enforcement of the standardized building codes with the goal toward addressing any deficiencies, voids, inconsistencies, inefficiencies, or technical errors.
3. To hear appeals, issue orders, and fulfill other duties pursuant to the authority established in Article VII of this Chapter for unsafe building abatement.

Term of Office:

Two years.
No regular member shall serve more than two consecutive full terms on the board without having at least one full year off of the Board between terms; provided, however, if the city council finds that it has not received applications from other qualified candidates, the city council may reappoint an incumbent member of the board notwithstanding the restrictions of this subsection.



Number of Members:

Seven, and two alternates

Meeting Time & Place:

At least quarterly at the call of the chair, City Hall

Established By:

Ordinance No. 2010-15 and 2010-26; Revised by Ordinance No. 2017-09, 2021-04


February 10, 2021

Board Application:

Board Application BBAA