Training & Recruitment



The Kerrville Police Department Training and Recruiting Unit consists of one Sergeant and various volunteer adjunct instructors.  The Unit provides extensive relevant training to all Kerrville Police Department employees from the time of employment and throughout their career.  The Training Unit is also responsible for the recruitment function of the department which includes testing, hiring and follow-up events involved in the recruitment process. 

The Sergeant is responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing various in-service training opportunities for police officers. Duties also include being in charge of the department's in-house new-recruit field officer training program. 



The Kerrville Police Department is committed to recruiting, hiring, and maintaining only the highest quality employees to serve the residents of Kerrville.  The Sergeant takes a great deal of pride in his commitment and continually strives to improve all of the employees of the Department.

The recruitment and hiring of police officers is an extremely important task, as those employed by the Police Department directly represent what the department and the City of Kerrville have to offer residents.  Focused on attracting only the highest quality employees, the Sergeant and Background Investigators spend a great deal of time attending job fairs, speaking to college students, and finding new and innovative ways to advertise the City of Kerrville and its police department. 


Training and Recruiting Sergeant

Sergeant Chuck Bocock