Park Regulations

Rules and regulations are necessary to ensure personal safety, public safety, protection of the city property, and to protect and preserve natural resources. The following provisions apply to all parks, recreational areas, and other public open spaces and facilities within the City of Kerrville.

Park Hours are Dawn – 11:00 p.m.

• Smoking prohibited (including e-cigarettes)

• Motorized vehicles in designated parking and on roadways only

• No ground fires, glass containers, or firearms (unless allowed by state law)

• Dogs are to be leashed at all times; please clean up after your pets

• Vending or sales without permit is prohibited

• Golfing, overnight camping / sleeping / parking is prohibited

• Altering or disruption of vegetation, park land, and wildlife is prohibited

• All city ordinances apply.

Interested in holding a Special Event? If you plan to host a special event that is open to the public and in a park, on a city street, or city property; a permit is required. Please contact us at (830) 257-7300 for additional information.