City Attorney

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The City Attorney provides legal advice and acts as the attorney for the City Council and all departments and boards of the City. The City Attorney's goal is to assist these entities in achieving their missions in a defensible, law-abiding and socially acceptable manner. Pursuant to the Charter, the City Attorney is appointed by the City Council. The City Attorney prepares or approves all proposed ordinances and resolutions, as well as reviews contracts and other documents in which the City is a party or has an interest. The City Attorney also represents the City, or monitors the City's representation, in all civil litigation and proceedings with state and federal agencies.

The City Attorney, or an appointed prosecutor, conducts all Municipal Court prosecutions. Cases filed in Municipal Court are Class “C” misdemeanors, which include traffic citations, petty theft, animal-related charges, and violations of the building codes or zoning ordinance. In order to discuss your citation, you should appear on the day indicated on your citation or call the Municipal Court at (830) 257-2388 to schedule a pre-trial conference.
The Legal Department does not represent private parties in civil or criminal matters. Further, we cannot refer you to any specific attorneys or endorse any attorney in private practice; however, if you are in need of legal representation for a private matter you may call the State Bar of Texas at (800) 204-2222 to obtain names for evaluation; alternatively, you may contact Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid at (800) 369-0356. In addition, the following link may provide you with helpful information: