The following resolutions have recently been adopted by the Kerrville City Council. 

Date Adopted
Resolution No.
Adopt Legislative Agenda - support of changes to the HOT funds statue1/12/202101-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 215 Water Street Tattoo Shop1/12/202102-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 900 Tivy Street short-term rental1/12/202103-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 300 Main Street, HEB Gas Station1/12/202104-2021
Appointment of Assistant City Attorney - William Tatsch1/12/202105-2021
Opposition of construction operation of rock and concrete crusher quarry, Al Mooney Road and Hwy 271/12/202106-2021
Decertification of  Castlecomb Subdivision water system certificate of convenience and necessity1/26/202107-2021
Amending Fee Schedule - fence permit1/26/202108-2021
Naming public park at 1001 Mallard Way as Granger MacDonald Park1/26/202109-2021
City acceptance of ownership of private streets for public use; Keystone Section 3 3/22/202110-2021
OPG Holdsworth partners to construct affordable rental housing2/9/202111-2021
Extending Mayors Declaration of Disaster for February 2021 Winter Weather Event, issued 2/15/2021, extended 2-22-20212/15/202112-2021
Submission of Texas Community Development Block Grant Program application for Community Development Fund3/23/202113-2021
Public Access Plan during construction of public infrastructure projects through TCDBG Downtown Revitalization  3/23/202114-2021
Specified projects which contain distinct conditions detrimental to public health safety and welfare3/23/202115-2021
Creating Public Health Task Force as Ad Hoc Board3/23/202116-2021
Appointing Election Judges for May 1, 2021 General Election3/23/202117-2021
Application for Grant Funding - Upgraded portable radio KPD4/13/202118-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 1517 East Main for accessory dwelling unit4/13/202119-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 821 Robinson short-term rental4/13/202120-2021
Canvassing returns of General Election 5/1/202121-2021
Waiver Fees for Public Safety Staffing at Kerrville Chalk Festival 5/25/202122-2021
Authorize internal combustion engines on Nimitz lake for Kerrville Triathlon 5/25/202123-2021
TXDOT Transportation Alternative program application for Tom Daniels Elementary School sidewalk5/25/202124-2021
TXDOT Transportation Alternative program application for Tally Elementary School sidewalk
TXDOT Transportation Alternative program application for Hwy 16 pedestrian traffic5/25/202126-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 222 Rawson 6/8/202127-2021
Variance for alcohol license 208 Cully Drive China Bowl6/8/202128-2021
Authorizing publication of Notice of Intention to issue COO6/22/202129-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 205 Starkey 7/13/202130-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 601 Spur 100 recreational vehicle or trailer park7/13/202131-2021
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program selecting grant writer administrator7/13/202132-2021
TXDOT Aviation reinstate grant funding awarded to Airport7/13/202133-2021
Transfer of ownership of funds to Kerrville Employee Benefit Trust FY20227/13/202134-2021
City's approval of the Kerr Central Appraisal Districts KCAD FY2022 Budget 7/27/202135-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 1221 Park8/10/202136-2021
Proposed Tax Rate8/10/202137-2021
Settlement with Atmos Energy Corporation 8/24/202138-2021
Approval of FY2022 Budget for KERR 9-1-19/28/202139-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 414 W Water Street9/14/202140-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 604 E Shady Street9/14/202141-2021
Conditional Use Permit -  1220 Aransas Street9/14/202142-2021
Multi-year water-wastewater rates FY2023-20269/14/202143-2021

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)10/12/202145-2021
Texas Opioid Settlement10/12/202146-2021
Canceling City Council Meetings 11/23/2021 and 12/28/202110/12/202147-2021