The following resolutions have recently been adopted by the Kerrville City Council. 

Date Adopted
Resolution No.
Adopt Legislative Agenda - support of changes to the HOT funds statue1/12/202101-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 215 Water Street Tattoo Shop1/12/202102-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 900 Tivy Street short-term rental1/12/202103-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 300 Main Street, HEB Gas Station1/12/202104-2021
Appointment of Assistant City Attorney - William Tatsch1/12/202105-2021
Opposition of construction operation of rock and concrete crusher quarry, Al Mooney Road and Hwy 271/12/202106-2021
Decertification of  Castlecomb Subdivision water system certificate of convenience and necessity1/26/202107-2021
Amending Fee Schedule - fence permit1/26/202108-2021
Naming public park at 1001 Mallard Way as Granger MacDonald Park1/26/202109-2021
City acceptance of ownership of private streets for public use; Keystone Section 3 3/22/202110-2021
OPG Holdsworth partners to construct affordable rental housing2/9/202111-2021
Extending Mayors Declaration of Disaster for February 2021 Winter Weather Event, issued 2/15/2021, extended 2-22-20212/15/202112-2021
Submission of Texas Community Development Block Grant Program application for Community Development Fund3/23/202113-2021
Public Access Plan during construction of public infrastructure projects through TCDBG Downtown Revitalization  3/23/202114-2021
Specified projects which contain distinct conditions detrimental to public health safety and welfare3/23/202115-2021
Creating Public Health Task Force as Ad Hoc Board3/23/202116-2021
Appointing Election Judges for May 1, 2021 General Election3/23/202117-2021
Application for Grant Funding - Upgraded portable radio KPD4/13/202118-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 1517 East Main for accessory dwelling unit4/13/202119-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 821 Robinson short-term rental4/13/202120-2021
Canvassing returns of General Election 5/1/202121-2021
Waiver Fees for Public Safety Staffing at Kerrville Chalk Festival 5/25/202122-2021
Authorize internal combustion engines on Nimitz lake for Kerrville Triathlon 5/25/202123-2021
TXDOT Transportation Alternative program application for Tom Daniels Elementary School sidewalk5/25/202124-2021
TXDOT Transportation Alternative program application for Tally Elementary School sidewalk
TXDOT Transportation Alternative program application for Hwy 16 pedestrian traffic5/25/202126-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 222 Rawson 6/8/202127-2021
Variance for alcohol license 208 Cully Drive China Bowl6/8/202128-2021
Authorizing publication of Notice of Intention to issue COO6/22/202129-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 205 Starkey 7/13/202130-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 601 Spur 100 recreational vehicle or trailer park7/13/202131-2021
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program selecting grant writer administrator7/13/202132-2021
TXDOT Aviation reinstate grant funding awarded to Airport7/13/202133-2021
Transfer of ownership of funds to Kerrville Employee Benefit Trust FY20227/13/202134-2021
City's approval of the Kerr Central Appraisal Districts KCAD FY2022 Budget 7/27/202135-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 1221 Park8/10/202136-2021
Proposed Tax Rate8/10/202137-2021
Settlement with Atmos Energy Corporation 8/24/202138-2021
Approval of FY2022 Budget for KERR 9-1-19/28/202139-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 414 W Water Street9/14/202140-2021
Conditional Use Permit - 604 E Shady Street9/14/202141-2021
Conditional Use Permit -  1220 Aransas Street9/14/202142-2021
Multi-year water-wastewater rates FY2023-20269/14/202143-2021
Main Street Advisory Board amending member qualifications10/26/22144-2021
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP)10/12/202145-2021
Texas Opioid Settlement10/12/202146-2021
Canceling City Council Meetings 11/23/2021 and 12/28/202110/12/202147-2021
Public Safety Facility Bond Committee10/26/202148-2021
AACOG 2022-2023 Solid Waste Pass-Through Gate 10/26/202149-2021
Conditional Use Permit CUP 516 Florence St11/09/202150-2021
Conditional Use Permit CUP 1008 Tivy St11/09/202151-2021
Casting Votes of COK to KCAD BOD12/14/202152-2021
Conditional Use Permit CUP 820 Robinson12/14/202153-2021
Conditional Use Permit 960 Prescott1/11/202201-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1796 Arcadia Loop1/11/202202-2022
Conditional Use Permit 400 Lowry1/11/202203-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1807 E Main1/11/202204-2022
Conditional Use Permit 205 Westminster1/11/202205-2022
Conditional Use Permit 600 Woodlawn Avenue1/11/202206-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1001 Sidney Baker South1/11/202207-2022
Reimburse Project Costs Public Safety Facility 2/8/202208-2022
Ordering General Election May 7, 20222/8/202209-2022
Support Riverview Manor - Affordable Senior Housing2/8/202210-2022
Creating an Ad Hoc Solar Eclipse Planning and Emergency Management Committee2/22/202211-2022
Reducing the Number of Members of the City of Kerrville Code Review Committee3/8/202212-2022
Appointing Election Judges for the General and Bond Election, May 7, 20223/8/202213-2022
Design Build Method A.C. House 529 Water Street3/22/202214-2022
Agreement with Grant Writer-Administrator TDEM HGMP3/22/22215-2022
Conditional Use Permit 713 Harper Road North4/12/202216-2022
Conditional Use Permit 167 Paramount View Accessory Dwelling4/12/202217-2022
Conditional Use Permit Loop 534 Landfill Road4/26/202218-2022
Updated Parks and Recreation Open Spaces Master Plan4/26/202219-2022
KPD Body Cams Grant4/26/202220-2022
Canvassing the returns of the May 7, 2022 City General Election.
Canvassing the returns of the May 7, 2022 City Bond Election.
Conditional Use Permit 321 Cottage5/24/202223-2022
Conditional Use Permit 105 Jasper5/24/202224-2022
Conditional Use Permit 503 Lucille5/24/2022
Conditional Use Permit 213 Palmer5/24/202226-2022
Conditional Use Permit 217 Starkey5/24/202227-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1979 Arcadia Loop6/14/202228-2022
Conditional Use Permit 408 Lois6/14/202229-2022
Conditional Use Permit 604 Mockingbird6/14/202230-2022
Conditional Use Permit 956 Myrta6/14/202231-2022
Conditional Use Permit 916 Prescott6/14/202232-2022
Conditional Use Permit 220 Riverhills Club Ln 126/14/202233-2022
Internal Combustion Engine on Nimitz Lake for Kerrville Triathlon 6/14/202234-2022
Designating Authorized Signatories for Contractual Documents TXCDBG 6/28/2022
Adoption of TDA Required Civil Rights TXCDBG6/28/202236-2022
Authorize Application for HMGP6/28/202237-2022
Design-Build Method for Public Safety Facility6/28/202238-2022
Conditional Use Permit Commerce & Junction Hwy Car Wash7/12/202239-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1203 Donna Kay STR7/12/202240-2022
Conditional Use Permit 729 Robinson STR7/12/202241-2022
Authorize transfer of funds to Employee Benefit Trust FY20237/26/2022
Set proposed tax rate for FY20238/9/202243-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1959 Arcadia Loop8/9/202244-2022
Conditional Use Permit 330 Guadalupe8/9/202245-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1229 Jefferson8/9/202246-2022
Conditional Use Permit 426 Meadowview8/9/202247-2022
Conditional Use Permit 410 Circle8/9/202248-2022
Amend 2008 Declaration of Employee Benefits Trust10/25/202249-2022
Atmos Energy 2022 Rate Review Mechanism RRM filing8/9/202250-2022
City Parkland Dedication Multi-Year Plan Fees for FY23-FY269/13/202251-2022
Conditional Use Permit 510 Preston Trail Loop9/13/202252-2022
Approval of KCAD FY2023 Budget9/13/202253-2022
Approving Kerr Emergency 911 Network FY2023 Budget9/13/202254-2022
Creating STR Ad Hoc Committee for permit-inspection program9/27/202255-2022
Adopt Singing Wind Master Plan 9/27/202256-2022
CoK 2023 Texas Legislative Program9/27/202257-2022
Cancel CC second November and December meetings10/11/202258-2022
Conditional Use Permit 2101 Arcadia Loop10/11/202259-2022
Conditional Use Permit 309 Guadalupe10/11/202260-2022
Conditional Use Permit 337 Guadalupe10/11/202261-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1425 Lois10/11/202262-2022
Conditional Use Permit 130 Loop 1310/11/202263-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1602 Quinlan Creek10/11/202264-2022
Conditional Use Permit 1701 Deer Trail10/11/202265-2022
Public Facility Corporation and Certificate of Formation10/11/202266-2022
Tree Preservation Policy10/25/202267-2022
Adoption of Water-Wastewater Plan11/8/202268-2022
GBRA for HCP - Guadalupe Orb and Fat Mucket Mussels
Fee Waiver - Veterans Day Parade10/25/202270-2022
Grant Funding - KPD rifle resistant body armor10/25/202271-2022
Conditional Use Permit 339 Guadalupe Street STR11/8/202272-2022
Conditional Use Permit 800 Lake Drive STR11/8/202273-2022
Conditional Use Permit 503 Oakland Hills Lane STR11/8/202274-2022
Conditional Use Permit 220 Riverhill Club Lane 5 STR11/8/202275-2022
Conditional Use Permit 220 Riverhill Club Lane 9 STR
Conditional Use Permit 220 Riverhill Club Lane 13 STR
Conditional Use Permit 220 Riverhill Club Lane 14 STR
Conditional Use Permit 2324 Trails End STR
Ordering General Election 5/6/2022, Councilmember Place One and Two12/13/202280-2022
Supporting Lighting and Dark Skies12/13/2022
Conditional Use Permit 2916 Memorial Blvd Short-Term Rental12/13/2022
Conditional Use Permit 1916 Leslie Drive Short-Term Rental
Conditional Use Permit 1924 Leslie Drive Short-Term Rental
Conditional Use Permit 811 Lloyd Drive Short-Term Rental
Conditional Use Permit 1001 Prescott Drive Short-Term Rental
Conditional Use Permit 3410 Riverside Drive Short-Term Rental
Add Short-Term Rental to Fee Schedule12/13/2022
MUA wTXDOT - Art in Public Places within State ROW1/10/202301-2023
Supporting Statewide Airport pavement program1/10/202302-2023
Support Private Funded River park Community Center Project1/24/202303-2023
Funding Agreement TXDOT - Sidewalk Cully Dr. and Wesley Dr.2/14/202304-2023
Governors Ballistic Shields Grant 1/24/202305-2023
Water Wastewater Infrastructure Obligation Bonds1/24/202306-2023
Support Overland Property Development - Sr Housing on Mathison2/28/202307-2023
Designating CoK Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act HIPPA 2/28/202308-2023
Linebarger Goggan Blair Sampson - Municipal Court Fines and Fee Collection2/28/202309-2023
Conditional Use Permit HCTC Private Utility at 2385 Bandera Hwy3/28/202310-2023
Director of Parks negotiate specific fees, repeal Resolution 08-20133/28/202311-2023
TIRZ Funds CDBG local match appropriation Downtown4/25/202312-2023
Linebarger collection fee for Municipal Court4/25/202313-2023
World Migratory Bird Day May 13, 20235/9/202314-2023
Canvassing Returns and Declaring Results General Election May 6, 20235/16/202315-2023
Authorize Tax Increment Funding for Pedestrian Crosswalks5/23/202316-2023
Canvassing Returns and Declaring Results General Election May 6, 2023, Place 2
Authorizing the use of Internal Combustion Engines on Nimitz Lake, Triathlon6/13/202318-2023
Appoint two alternate Judges - Municipal Court6/27/202319-2023
Transfer of funds to Employee Benefit Trust FY20247/25/202320-2023
Approving Airport Planning Study, Capital Improvement Projects7/11/202321-2023
Terminating Mayor's Disaster Declarations COVID-197/11/202322-2023
Downtown Grant partnership KCVB Community Arts Program 7/25/202323-2023
KCAD FY2024 Budget7/25/202324-2023
AD Valorem Property Tax Rate8/8/202325-2023
Atmos Energy Rate Review Mechanism9/12/202326-2023
Revision to the MSAB membership qualifications8/22/202327-2023
Cancel regular CC meetings 11/28/23 and 12/26/2310/10/202328-2023
Water/Wastewater W-WW fees FY2023-2026 repeal Reso 43-20219/12/202329-2023
Kerr 911 Budget Approval9/12/202330-2023
Approval of Retiree Health Insurance9/12/202331-2023
Approval for City to sell Real Estate 505 Center Point Drive10/10/202332-2023
CUP Independent Living Facility for Seniors 2916 Memorial Blvd.10/10/202333-2023

Ad Hoc Animal Regulations Review Committee10/10/202335-2023
EIC Bond funding Quality of Life projects
Waiver of Parade and Park Fees 11/11/2023 Veterans Day Parade10/24/202337-2023
AACOG Funding Grant Household Hazardous Waste11/14/202338-2023
Conditional Use Permit to allow General Contractor, 518 Lois Street12/12/202339-2023
Conditional Use Permit to allow Accessory Dwelling, 1312 Cedar Drive12/12/202340-2023
Grant Funding Edward Bryne Memorial Justice Assistance Program11/14/202341-2023
Conditional Use Permit to allow Accessory Dwelling, 505 East Lane12/12/202342-2023
Casting Votes for Kerr Central Appraisal District Board of Directors 2024-202512/12/202343-2023
Multijurisdictional Tactical Response Team between Kerrville-Fredericksburg-Boerne including the Interlocal Agreement12/12/202344-2023
Ordering General Election May 04, 2024 for Mayor, CC3, CC41/09/202401-2024
Support Phase II of Kerrville Veterans Apartment Complex
Authorizing a waiver of various fees Habitat for Humanity Kerr County
Election judges for the May 4, 2024 election2/13/202404-2024
No objection Evolve application TXDoH Heritage Oaks and Meadows Apts
KRVL has 2x State average of units per capita supported by Housing Tax Credits