The following ordinances have recently been adopted by the Kerrville City Council. For a complete list of ordinances adopted by the City Council, please visit Charter/Code of Ordinances.

Date Adopted
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinancesAnnexing 33.81 acres located at 3200 block of Loop 5342/10/20212021-01
N/AVacating, abandoning closed right of way Francisco Lemos Street and Hays Street1/26/20212021-02
Chapter 26, Code of OrdinancesAdoption of 2018 International Residential Code2/10/20212021-03
Chapter 26, Code of OrdinancesAdoption of 2018 International Building Code2/10/20212021-04
Chapter 26, Code of OrdinancesAdoption of 2018 International Mechanical Code2/10/20212021-05
Chapter 26, Code of Ordinances
Adoption of 2018 International Fire Code2/10/20212021-06
N/AVacating, Abandoning, Closing Right of Way Meadowview Lane3/23/20212021-07
Chapter 66, Library Code of OrdinanceAmending the Library Advisory Board Membership2/9/20212021-08
N/AVacating, Abandoning, Closing Right of Way 625 Elm Street3/23/20212021-09
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceChange of zoning 1555 Hwy 173, into the city limits6/11/20212021-10
Chapter 60, Code of Ordinance
Amending Chapter 60 of the Code of Ordinances - Peterson Farm Road5/14/20212021-11
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceAmending Chapter 60 Code of Ordinances - Cage Addition 5/14/20212021-12
FY2021 BudgetAmending Fiscal Year 2021 Budget5/25/20212021-13
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceAnnexing 149.519 and 2.775 acre tract within Comanche Trace6/28/20212021-14
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceZone Change 601 Spur 1007/6/20212021-15
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceZone Change 3008 Riverside Drive8/24/20212021-16
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceAnnexing 170 Lehmann Drive7/27/20212021-17
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceZone Change 3210 Riverside Drive8/24/20212021-18
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceZone Change 501 Florence8/24/20212021-19
N/AFiscal Year 2022 Budget 9/14/20212021-20
N/AAd Valorem Tax FY2022 9/14/20212021-21
N/ACertificate of Obligation, Public Safety Building - FAILED8/24/20212021-22
N/ATax Note8/24/20212021-23
Chapter 82, Code of OrdinancesSubdivision Code10/15/20212021-24
N/APlanned Development District PDD10/15/20212021-25
Chapter 2, Code of OrdinanceAmendment to Senior Services Advisory Committee10/12/20212021-26
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinanceZone Change - 1478 Bandera Hwy11/14/20212021-27
Chapter 74, Code of OrdinancesParkland Dedication1/11/20222022-01

N/AAnnexing ROW  700 Block of Coronado1/25/20222022-03
N/AAnnexing 253 Holdsworth Drive1/25/20222022-04
N/AAnnexing 195 Lehmann Drive, Peterson Health1/25/20222022-05
Chapter 60, Code of OrdinancesAmendment to Zoning Code - Multiple Lots1/25/20222022-06
N/ACalling a Bond Election for the Public Safety Facility2/8/20222022-07
N/ACalling a Bond Election for the Public Safety Facility - Spanish Translation2/8/20222022-07
N/AFiscal Year 2022 Budget Amendment 2/22/20222022-08
N/ARecovery Community Coalition Membership2/22/20222022-09
N/AAnnexing 82.831 Acre Tract  - Comanche Trace2/22/20222022-10
N/AAltering Prima Facie Speed Limit State Hwy 1733/8/20222022-11
Chapter 102Amending Traffic and Vehicles - Prohibiting Engine Brakes or Similar Devices3/8/20222022-12
Chapter 50Fire Prevention and Protection4/12/20222022-13
Chapter 26Buildings and Building Regulations, BBAA3/22/20222022-14
Chapter 82Amending City's Subdivision Code4/12/20222022-15
Chapter 2Zone Change - 601 Roy Street4/26/20222022-16
Chapter 3Zone Change - Loop 5344/26/20222022-17
N/AAnnexing 318 Mae Drive4/26/20222022-18
Chapter 22Code of Ordinances - Joint Airport Board4/26/20222022-19
Chapter 60Zone Change - 1600 Junction Hwy6/14/20222022-20
Chapter 60Zone Change - 400 W. Water6/14/20222022-21

N/APDD and parking lot 820 Sidney Baker 829 Clay St.9/27/20222022-23
Chapter 60Zone Change - 2300 E Main8/23/20222022-24
N/AFiscal Year 2023 Budget9/13/20222022-25
N/AAd Valorem Tax Rate Fiscal Year 20239/13/20222022-26
N/AObligation Bonds - Public Safety Facility8/23/20222022-27
Chapter 60Code amendments Short-Term Rentals9/27/20222022-28
Chapter 60Zone change PI 365 Clearwater Paseo9/27/20222022-29
Create Chapter 80Short-Term Rental Permit12/13/20222022-30
N/ABudget Amendment FY202211/08/20222022-31
N/AAnnex - Zone IM for 5269 Hwy 27 Ingram Ready Mix12/13/20222022-32
Chapter 102Amend Traffic and Vehicles - Excessive, Unusual Noise12/13/200222022-33
N/AAnnex Zone 2511 Bandera Hwy 1/10/20232023-01
Chapter 60Zone Change 226 and 228 West Main 1/10/20232023-02
Chapter 26Amendment to Code of Ordinances Outdoor Lighting1/24/20232023-03
N/AClosing, Abandoning ROW 620 and 704 Junction Hwy1/24/20232023-04
N/ATax Rate Amendment FY2023 Org Ord 2022-261/24/20232023-05
N/AZone Change W. Water St.3/1/20232023-06
N/AZone Change 3800 Loop 534 Legion Hills3/1/20232023-07
N/AAnnexation to Corporate Limits .08 acres Lehmann Dr.3/1/20232023-08
Chapter 90Right-of-Way Management3/14/20232023-09
Chapter 66Library Advisory Board Membership Amendment4/11/20232023-10
N/AAmending Fiscal Year 2023 Budget4/11/20232023-11
Chapter 60 Amending Fence Code8/22/20232023-12
Chapter 26
Building Regulations - Fence Permit Amendments 
Chapter 26Building Regulations - Unsafe Building Abatement4/25/20232023-14
Chapter 46Junked Vehicles4/25/20232023-15

Chapter 60Amending Zoning of 199 Spur 100 from RM to PI7/11/20232023-17
N/AAnnex 111.806 acres Lower Turtle Creek7/11/20232023-18
Chapter 60Zoning Change, 512 Yorktown from MD to LC7/11/20232023-19
Chapter 70Amending Electioneering at Polling Locations7/11/2023
N/AAmending City's FY2023 Budget ARPA funds7/11/20232023-21
N/AZone change to C1 - 202 Mack Hollimon Drive9/26/20232023-22
Chapter 26Amendment to the Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals8/8/20232023-23

N/AFiscal Year 2024 Budget approval9/26/20232023-25
N/AFiscal Year 2024 Tax Rate approval9/26/20232023-26

Chapter 26Grading and Filling Site Clearing permit9/26/20232023-28