Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of a Lieutenant, a Sergeant, an Evidence Officer, an Evidence Clerk, eight Investigators, and an Administrative Assistant. The Division encompasses three individual units: the Criminal Investigation Unit, the Special Crimes Unit and the Evidence / Property Unit. The Criminal Investigations Lieutenant supervises all components of the Division.

Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit operates with five reactive Investigators. The Unit investigates misdemeanor and felony cases, child and adult abuse cases, and processes and tracks registered sex offenders within the city limits of Kerrville. The Investigators follow-up on leads that may identify those interview witnesses, interrogate suspects, recover stolen property, and prepare cases for prosecution.  

Special Crimes Unit

The Special Crimes Unit is a proactive investigative unit comprised of a Sergeant and four Investigators. The Unit’s primary mandate is the aggressive proactive investigation of Organized Criminal activity targeting illegal narcotic sales and distribution. 

Lieutenant Jonathan Cline
Criminal Investigations Division
  1. Jon Cline (2017)

    Jonathan Cline

    Lieutenant – Criminal Investigations Division